MyVideoBuzz is an open source roku channel developed by Utmost Solutions, based on the Roku Youtube Channel by Jeston Tigchon. Source code of the channel can be found at . This channel is not affiliated with Google or YouTube or Roku.

Below are two installation options

Automatic Installation (and UnInsataller)

Here is new updated Installation application. Please download and double click on MyVideoBuzzInstaller.exe file. This is a standalone executable file (which means it will not install anything on your computer) and this tool is needed only once to install MyVideoBuzz on your Roku Device.

Download MyVideoBuzz Installer

Note: This tool only works on Windows operating system, we are working on more options.

Manual Installation

Step 1 : To begin, you need IP Address of your Roku Device. If you don't know know to find if please refer to help below. Note down the IP address, you will need it in Step 3.

  • Roku 3, Roku 2 and Roku LT players : Go to Settings > About
  • First-generation Roku players : Go to Settings > Player info

Step 2 : To enable development mode on your Roku, You need to enter the special remote control sequence. Turn on your TV and use your Roku remote and enter below sequence buttons.
Note: With latest Roku update, you will have to create password before enabling installer.

Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
(Important: Try to push the buttons at normal speed without any pause in beetween. Below is video for your convenience)

When development mode is enabled, Your Roku will restart then you can install dev packages.

Step 3 : Open up a standard web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari) and visit the following URL:

http://<Enter-your-roku-ip-address> (for example,

You will be prompted with username and password. Please enter the password you created in step 2. (Note: Username is rokudev)

Step 4 : Download the source as a zip and upload it to your Roku device using the webpage in step 3.

Note: Due to limitations in the sandboxing of development Roku channels, you can only have one development channel installed at a time.



Your Roku's debug console can be accessed by telnet at port 8085:

telnet <rokuPlayer-ip-address> 8085

Building from source

The Roku Developer SDK includes a handy Make script for automatically zipping and installing the channel onto your device should you make any changes. Just add the project to your SDK's examples/source folder and run the make install command from that directory via your terminal.


Want to contribute? Great! If you are a experienced Roku developer please contact us or else donate us

If possible help VideoBuzz development efforts.